The Pendle Hill Fund is a community grants scheme, which aims to support small scale landscape and heritage activity developed in the PHLP area. From 2020 there will be two different grants available: Small Grants for projects up to £500 and larger grants for projects between £2000 and £10000.

We will look to fund project activity within, or just outside, the PHLP area, although applicants do not have to be based in the area. Activity has to also meet the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership aims, which include at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • Improve the condition of locally important heritage and landscape features
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of distinctive people and places, and share this with a wide audience.
  • Provide training, learning or volunteering opportunities linked to the area's heritage and landscape
  • Enable more people to explore and enjoy the heritage and landscape of Pendle Hill, particularly our target audiences.
  • Improve the visitor and walking experience of the Pendle Hill LP area.


Pendle Hill Fund

Please note that both Pendle Hill Fund grant streams are now closed.

For Year 1, 2 and 3 project summaries please see below:


You can also read our project summary here