Summer Excavation 2022 – Worston/Clitheroe

In July 2022 the project returned to the line of the Roman Road on Hanson Cement land, close to Worston village and the A59. This was to extend the excavation work carried out in 2021 (see below) and to attempt to find more conclusive evidence of the road's age and construction technique.

See a summary of the report here

Read the full report here

The excavation was led by ECUS/NAA as previously, and with support from PHLP's Jess Wight and UCLan intern for 2022, Sarah Hunt. Over 40 volunteer dig days were achieved, with really good numbers of people turning up for 4 or 5 days over the fortnight. We also hosted two community days when we were visited by the People Enjoying Nature group and the DEEN Centre from Brierfield: an amazing sign of the interest archaeology sparks in people!

Volunteers work on trench 2

We were really excited to find one very ancient piece of flint debitage (the waste material created when a stone tool is created) which has been dated to the Mesolithic period, around 6000 years ago. However, we have no idea how or when this was deposited in the dig area! There was also one piece of Roman aged pottery found, called samian ware, this was pressed into the road surface and therefore links the use of the road to Roman times, ie 1st century AD. The presence of other Medieval and post Medieval finds in the area suggest that the road was used and modified for hundreds of years after its original construction.

Also this summer, the University of Central Lancashire carried out a separate excavation at Portfield Iron Age hill fort, near Whalley, which is a scheduled ancient monument.

You can see what they found by reading the presentation here.


Roman Road Exacavation 2021 - Worston/Clitheroe

In September and October 2021, NAA carried out an archaeological excavation between Worston and Clitheroe, hoping to provide some insight into the local stretch of Roman Road

Read a summary of the project here

Read the full excavation report here

This is only a very small part of the Roman road research happening across the area. Ribble Valley Archaeology Group have been very proactive in the past few months, working with local landowners to investigate more about the road as it goes through Rimington. Visit to find out more about what they have been doing and visit the Contact Us page to find out how you can get involved! They hope to continue their exploration adn discoveries. 

Click here to read about our 2021 online Community Archaeology Forum events 

We will provide a series of archaeology training courses which will improve and support the skills of volunteers to enable them to survey and interpret local archaeological sites. We will also provide discovery days and participator events which will enable the local community to gain a greater appreciation of the development of the historical landscape of the LP area, including field systems, ancient and prehistoric settlement, and resource extraction.

The Community Archaeology project is being led with support from Northern Archaeological Associates. We will be working with Rebecca Cadbury-Simmons, Community Archaeology Co-ordinator with NAA who will be connecting with local groups and individuals with an interest in local archaeology. We hope we can offer advice to local groups to further their existing research projects.

Malkin Tower Outreach

We also hope to hold discovery days and events, which will engage with more and a wider audience and provide this audience with more knowledge about our, relatively under researched, local archaeology. Archaeology will feed into our Outdoor Learning opportunities, as we hope to loan out an 'artefacts box' to local schools.

NAA will also provide the Community Archaeology training programme, involving 5 different sessions for volunteers each year. These sessions may involve learning more about desk research skills, archive research, geophysical surveys and finds identification. There will also be opportunities for volunteers to get involved in some small scale excavations over the next few years.

We hope that by equipping volunteers with new skills and providing extra support, they will be encouraged to develop their own projects within the local landscape.

If you would like to get involved with the Community Archaeology project or have any ideas about local archaeology mysteries please get in touch!


For additional information and resources, please see our Explore pages.

Contact: Community Engagement Officer – or call 01200 420420


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