The Discover Project will develop the sustainable tourism offer in the Pendle Hill Area – engaging businesses and volunteers and developing new visitor opportunities.  We will continue a development phase project, the 'Pendle Folk' website to capture information, images and stories about the LP area, its people, landscape and heritage.  This interactive resource will be utilised to support businesses, and to develop training for local ambassadors who will promote and interpret the LP area to visitors. 

The Discover Project will support tourism businesses within the LP area to develop new products and visitor experiences through such things as:

  • Dark Sky Friendly business status
  • Green accreditation
  • Linking with new and existing events
  • Development of family-friendly treasure trails from the villages around Pendle Hill
  • Production of a printed visitor map of Pendle Hill (final year of the Scheme)


The Project will develop a Sense of Place toolit for businesses to utilise - to provide a consistent message about the Pendle Hill area and to promote the local distinctiveness and special qualities.   The project will also encourage businesses to link with visitor giving schemes, to encourage visitors to give a little back and support the Pendle Hill Fund.
If tourism businesses within the LP Area are interested in being involved or would like to find out more, please get in touch!

Sense of Place booklet coverSENSE OF PLACE

The Pendle Hill Sense of Place toolkit gives invaluable tips and guidance on how to tell a story that links your business with the special features - the landscape and heritage - of the Pendle Hill area.

A Sense of Place is often used to describeyour feelings for a place, and the elements that make that place special to you - it includes sights and sounds, memories and experiences, people and feelings.  One way of understanding it is to think about how you might desribe a part of Pendle Hill that you know well.

The toolkit will help you discover the special qualities of this area, and how to use them to develop and promote your business.

Follow this link for Further Information about the Pendle Hill Sense of Place Toolkit.

For additional information and resources, please see our Explore Sense of Place page.

Contact: Hetty Byrne (Sustainble Tourism Officer, Forest of Bowland AONB) 01200 448000