29th June 2020

Year Two Infographic

The PHLP is now 2 years old! Our second birthday was celebrated quietly and behind closed doors due to the Cornavirus lockdown, but we still want to celebrate with all our friends and partners!

We have been collating and analysing lots of numbers (see our wonderful Infographic and Activity Map) and also gathering ideas and thoughts from staff, Board members and beneficiaries to see what they think of how we are performing. Here are a few of their comments:

“The enthusiasm of the team has created a spider's web of interest, already we have found out more than we thought we would”

“Over the past year as I have become more aware of the aims I have been impressed with the progress of the partnership. I am very keen to encourage greater public access to the countryside.”

“This work has started to uncover a wealth of heritage and history that we just do not want to put down”

'We keep trying to get lost on Pendle, but the paths are so good now it has become almost impossible'


We have just published our Mid Term Review, undertaken by Simon Lees of the Countryside Training Partnership. This is a bit of a health check to see how we are doing against our stated aims, plus some recommendations for the next two years or more. It turns out we are doing well, and we are on track to be a very successful Landscape Partnership.

We will soon be updating many of our project web pages to highlight our key achievements and 'proud moments' so far to share more of our success stories.

Sadly, we had to cancel our planned annual get-together this Spring, but we are working with our partners at In-Situ to run a series of four Digital Gatherings during August instead. So if you want to find out more about what the landscape partnership does, and still plans to do, please join us. The sessions will focus on Traditions, stories and folklore; Interventions in the Landscape; Sustainable tourism and increasing access to the countryside for everyone; and the Future of communities around Pendle Hill. You can read more about the Digital Gatherings which will be held on Zoom and streamed live on Facebook here and book your 'virtual seat' to join in the conversation.