The primary purpose of the locator logo is to assist local tourism businesses and communities to promote the fact that they operate within, or are allied to, the beautiful landscape of the Pendle Hill area.

Six locator logos have been produced:Tourism locator logo

  • Tourism Business in the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Working in the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Happening in the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Made in the the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Located in the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Farming in the Pendle Hill Landscape
  • Ambassador in the Pendle Hill Landscape

They are not a quality mark, and do not represent an endorsement, funding or any other support by the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership.


Who can use the Locator Logos?

  • Tourism businesses, community groups, event organisers, projects or charities based in or carrying out a significant part of their work/activity in the Pendle Hill area.
  • Applicants are asked to sign up to the Forest of Bowland Locator Logos Charter – which outlines a series of straightforward commitments – and some Conditions of Use.

How much will it cost?

The Locator Logos are part of the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Scheme and are FREE to use.

What’s the criteria for use?

  • If a business is applying they must be members of the Forest of Bowland Sustainable Tourism Network
  • The logos must not be used in such a way as to bring the Partnership or the Forest of Bowland AONB into disrepute, or which goes against AONB Partnership policies or purposes.
  • Promotional material or merchandise that only carries the Pendle Hill Locator Logos is not permitted. They must be accompanied by the business/seller’s own logo/identity.
  • The logos must not be distorted, altered in shape, cropped or added to. Guidelines to help ensure correct application will be provided.
  • They are not for resale.
  • If the logos are misused, further action may be taken.

Why and how do I apply to use a Locator Logo?

  • The application agreement acknowledges that you will undertake to use the new Locator logos respectfully. Only those who have applied for use may do so.
  • Simply complete the short online application form and sign the Locator Logo Charter.
  • Assuming you meet the criteria your application will be approved and usage guidelines and the logos themselves will be sent to you by email.

Further information

Contact Hetty Byrne on 01200 448000 


(note: this links you to the general AONB locator logo application, please complete this form and make sure you select the option to be sent the Pendle Hill logos).