Lapwing David PatrickWe would normally be delivering different sessions across all of the projects throughout the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership. We look forward to meeting new people, and delivering regular sessions to participants throughout the Pendle Hill landscape area.

Unfortunately, we currently cannot deliver these group, face to face events and activities. Instead, we are teaming up with our wider Forest of Bowland AONB team, and hope to deliver a number of online activities and events over the next few months.

These will either be live events which you'll need to pre-book, or recordings which you'll be able to enjoy when it's convenient.

All our online opportunities will be listed on this page, including details of how to book where needed.  Most of the events will be free but donations to Champion Bowland will always be welcome.

We'll be adding more events as we get the details finalised so do keep checking back to see what's new!




Peat dams on Abbeystead_Forest of Bowland AONBThursday 13th August, 2020

Peat Dams & Plug Planting: restoring Bowland's Blanket Bog

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Take a virtual trip to the fell tops with Farming & Wildlife Officer, Sarah Robinson.

The wild uplands of Bowland are dominated by peatland - internationally important for biodiversity and carbon storage. A healthy, active blanket bog contributes to downstream flood alleviation, improvements in water quality, reduction in wildfire risk and also adds to the natural beauty of the landscape.

But its very isolation means that many of its benefits go un-noticed.

Join Sarah to find out what makes our peatlands so special and how the work of the AONB and partners is helping to restore and revitalise this key habitat.

This event will be hosted as a live Zoom session.

Cost: Free - but donations to Champion Bowland (via a link on booking) are welcomed.

Booking essential: please book via Eventbrite at

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Freedom to Roam: How industrial Lancashire shaped the British countryside movement

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Join us for this talk delivered by author and Pendle Radicals volunteer, Nick Burton.

This talk highlights the significant role the northern working class played in the movement for open access to mountains and moorland in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

From weavers taking to the hills above Darwen and the mass trespasses on Winter Hill. The development of cheap outdoor holidays for the workers established by Colne church minister, T.A. Leonard, and the campaigning work of mill worker Tom Stephenson in the creation of National Parks and long-distance footpaths. The importance of the Clarion Clubs and the pivotal Kinder Trespass.

The talk will also consider how the northern hills on the edge of textile towns were so important in the self-education of generations of mill workers who escaped to the moors to study botany, geology and write poetry.

This event will be hosted as a live Zoom session.

Cost: Free 

Booking essential:

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Re-establishing Black grouse into the Bowland Fells

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Join us for this presentation by Dr Philip Warren, senior scientist at the Game and Wildflife Conservation Trust.

Black grouse were abundant in the Bowland Fells between 1950s and 1970s, but subsequently declined and were absent by 2000.

Since then, there have been considerable habitat improvements on moorland and moorland fringe habitats which, combined with a recovery in black grouse populations in North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales to the north, mean that range expansion into this area, either naturally or through translocation, is being considered to restore birds into this area. 

This event will be hosted as a live Zoom session.

Cost: Free - but donations to Champion Bowland (via a link on booking) are welcomed.

Booking essential: please book via Eventbrite at

Wednesdays during August 2020

Digital Gatherings

In place of our usual annual Gathering, which was due to be held in May 2020, we are proposing A Digital Gathering for one month in August. In-Situ will host a series of 4 themed talks that go deeper into PHLP and the activity, ideas and challenges behind the programme and those involved.

The series of free talks, held on Wednesdays at 4.00pm, will use the ‘Talkaoke’ format via Zoom and will also be livestreamed on Pendle Hill LP's Facebook page and accessible there afterwards.

To join us just click on the register link below the event description and you will be sent details of how to join the Zoom meeting in advance of the date specified.


2)  Interventions into the landscape (Wednesday 12th August 4.00pm – 5.30pm)

Join us for an open discussion about our local landscape and the work being done to maintain our outdoor spaces.

We will be discussing:

• What practical intervention work has been done around the hill so far (ie footpaths, boundaries, wildlife conservation, tree planting)

• How many people has this affected - employed, skills, benefits, etc

• What is the process of deciding what happens where and what gets put in place?

• Preservation / Conservation of the landscape

• How can people get involved in learning new skills and preserving the landscape

Booking essential:

3. Sustainable tourism and increasing access to the hill for everyone (Wednesday 19th Aug 4.00pm – 5.30pm)

Join us in discussing our local landscape, Pendle Hill and the surrounding areas.

In this session we will be discussing:

• How has the number of visitors to the hill changed?

• What impact has this had on local people and regular visitors?

• What impact has access to the hill had for those who hadn’t visited before?

• Is it right to increase access to the landscape?

• How does this affect biodiversity and natural habitats?

• Thoughts on environmental sustainability - what practical steps might be taken to

minimise the negative impacts of increased visitors?

Booking essential:

4. The Future of Communities around Pendle Hill (Wednesday 26th Aug  4.00pm – 5.30pm)

What is the future for the places we live?

In this session we will be discussing:

• What can the past tell us about the future?

• What do want the future of?

• What is the future of work in our area, looking at rural and digital economies

• Funding community projects - how to enable change within the community

• Connecting the two sides of the Hill

• How have past projects helped bring people together to achieve things in their

communities? What more could be done?

• Diversity and landscape

Booking essential: